For those relying on off-mains drainage systems, servicing your septic tank is a vital requirement for extending its service life. As such an essential feature for many businesses and residential sites, the last thing you want is for your tank to let you down when you need it the most. An efficient and regular servicing programme will actively work to reduce the risk of large-scale breakdowns, unwanted downtime and costly repairs. But, how often should you service a septic tank?

How Does a Septic Tank Work?

Fitted underground, septic tanks are multilayer machines that use gravity to naturally separate liquid waste from solid waste before retaining the latter. They generally have numerous chambers within the tank and only require emptying once the solids have built to a certain level in the tank. In order for this to happen easily, the septic tank needs to be maintained and serviced regularly.

Who is Responsible?

Poorly maintained septic tanks emit foul smells and can result in contaminated water flowing into the ground around it. Avoiding this should be at the height of importance and falls under the remit of either the residential or commercial owner. There are several legal guidelines in place here in the UK to ensure that septic tanks are controlled, safeguarded and used appropriately, including the Environment Agency Septic Tank General Binding Rules. These cover measures that owners are required to take to prevent contamination of vital water, such as that used for drinking, in lakes and streams.

How Often Do You Need to Service Your Septic Tank?

The frequency with which you need to service and drain your tank will depend on many factors, including consistency of use and age. However, for the most part, manufacturers recommend draining out a septic tank annually. If you have a larger tank or one that is less frequently used, you could go anywhere between 3-5 years before it needs draining. Some key signs that it’s time to organise a professional service are foul smells, ill-working drains and puddles around the tank.

Here at West Country Drainage, we have the experience and professionalism to support you with your annual septic tank service. Our team provides an open communication servicing process to help you gain a clear understanding of your tank and the required works. Contact us today to discuss your requirements or to organise a tanker attendance along with our servicing packages.