Service Maintenance Programmes Now Available!

SmellsNoisesPump Not WorkingMaintenance
If you are experiencing smells it could mean your tank needs a desludge and a service.If you are experiencing irregular noises within the system it is best to get this checked to ensure there are no problems with the working functions of the system.If you have a pump failure, we are able to assess and replace the pump for you.To avoid any voided warranties, you must have the system desludged and serviced with a full maintenance record.


West Country Drainage Services can take the stress out of booking a empty and service. Join our yearly reminder scheme and we will automatically remind you once you are due your service and desludge. We arrange the tanker for you and carry out the service, and you have peace of mind you are up to date on your maintenance as per the environmental agency guidelines.

Service & Desludge of Sewage Treatment Plant

When you call West Country Drainage Services for your appointment we will:

  • Offer you a date within 4 weeks for a joint visit with the Tanker and Engineer
  • Carry out the service and desludge
  • Put a sticker on your system to remind you of the next service date (we will also send you a reminder in the post)
  • Sent the report/service sheet with the invoice in the post for you.


The cost of a service for a typical domestic treatment plant with 1000 gallons effluent removal is £310 + VAT.

West Country Drainage Services have been carrying out Septic Tank and Sewage Treatment Plant installations and servicing around the country for over 18 years. We carry out work for domestic and commercial customers alike and often have referrals from larger insurance companies. Whatever the drainage issue, we have the solution for you!

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