Our Tricel approved installers are ready to carry out your sewage treatment plant installation. We have a team of experienced, professional, and dedicated engineers who can carry out the process quickly and effectively.

In many ways, a sewage treatment plant is similar to a septic tank regarding the way it works; however, it has additional steps to break down the material. The breakdown process of the solid material means that it has a cleaner and more environmentally friendly outcome.

A sewage treatment plant collects the wastewater and sewage from different properties and is stored in a chamber. While in the chamber, the material is broken down. The heavy solids typically settle at the bottom of the chamber, while grease, oil and other lighter substances float to the top. The settled and floating components are removed, while the remaining liquid is discharged to secondary, purifying treatment.

For the Sewage Treatment Plant Installation process to take place, we will prepare the ground first. We will carry out an inspection and then excavate the land before installing the sewage treatment plant.

Many new home buyers in rural areas require a domestic sewage treatment plant as they are not connected to mains drainage. A domestic sewage treatment plant is a safe and reliable alternative option. Since domestic sewage treatment plants encourage bacteria to grow and break down sewage, it is seen as a non-polluting method, which helps the environment.

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