Self-contained and Low MaintenanceCost-Effective for Rural HomesEfficient Treatment for ReuseProtects Public Health & Environment
Once installed, septic tanks operate autonomously without needing constant attention. They require periodic pumping (usually every 3-5 years depending on usage and size) to remove solids, but beyond that, their maintenance demands are minimal compared to more complex systems.For homes located in rural areas where connection to a centralised sewer system may be cost-prohibitive or unavailable, septic tanks provide a cost-effective solution for wastewater treatment and disposal.STPs treat sewage to a level where the treated water can be safely reused for non-potable applications, such as landscape irrigation, toilet flushing, or industrial processes. This recycling capability can significantly reduce water consumption in areas with water scarcity.Properly designed and maintained STPs help in reducing the release of pollutants into the environment. By treating the sewage, these plants reduce the risks of waterborne diseases, protect aquatic ecosystems, and ensure that groundwater and surface water sources remain uncontaminated.

A Tricel Sewage Treatment Plant being lowered into the ground.

Do you suffer from one of these issues?

  • SmellsBad smells can mean a few different issues from product use to problem with the plant
  • High water level – This could indicate a problem with the discharge location or plant and would require investigations
  • Damage – This could mean you plant is now non functional and options will need to be looked at

Blockage – Sometimes the pipes to and from the plant can become blocked. Check out our Drain Unblocking page. In most circumstances we can jet these lines clear to save on costly repairs.

Installations & Repair Solutions Available Now

West Country Drainage Services are able to find a solution to any septic tank or sewage treatment plant issues. We are able to evaluate the problem and come up with a cost-effective solution. As sometimes this does not automatically need a new sewage treatment plant. 

Sewage Treatment Plant Installations

West Country Drainage Services  Septic tank and sewage treatment plant service includes :

  •  A free of charge site visit from our engineer  attending . They will assess and discuss  the issues you are facing and offer advice to keep you flowing
  • Suggestion that may be causing the issue. Sometimes it may not be the tank itself it could be your drainage field or a simple blockage
  • We will then produce a competitive quote based on the repair required
  • book the works in at a convenient date for you usually within 30 days depending on the solution

Our Tricel approved installers are ready to carry out your sewage treatment plant installation. We have a team of experienced, professional, and dedicated engineers who can carry out the process quickly and effectively.

How a Sewage Treatment Plant Works

In many ways, a sewage treatment plant is similar to a septic tank regarding the way it works; however, it has additional steps to break down the material. The breakdown process of the solid material means that it has a cleaner and more environmentally friendly outcome.

A sewage treatment plant collects the wastewater and sewage from different properties and is stored in a chamber. While in the chamber, the material is broken down. The heavy solids typically settle at the bottom of the chamber, while grease, oil and other lighter substances float to the top. The settled and floating components are removed, while the remaining liquid is discharged to secondary, purifying treatment.

For the Sewage Treatment Plant Installation process to take place, we will need to prepare the ground first. We will carry out an inspection and then excavate the land before installing the sewage treatment plant.

Many new home buyers in rural areas require a domestic sewage treatment plant as they are not connected to mains drainage. A domestic sewage treatment plant is a safe and reliable alternative option. Since domestic sewage treatment plants encourage bacteria to grow and break down sewage, it is seen as a non-polluting method, which helps the environment.

West Country Drainage Services is always on hand if you need additional advice regarding your sewage treatment plant, information, or guidance about our services. Contact our team today, and we can discuss your requirements.

View our Sewage Treatment Plant Installation Video

What Our Customers Say

West Country Drainage Services have been carrying out septic tank and sewage treatment plant installations across the country for more than 18 years.  We carry out work for domestic and commercial customers and often have referrals from larger insurance companies. Whatever the issue we will have the solution for you.