We were contacted by the client who had soakaway issues, we arranged a free site visit to see what can be done. Jody talked through the job in detail to the client and it was agreed the client would like to upgrade their septic tank to a sewer treatment plant alongside a new drainage field/soakaway as the old one had come to the end of its life.

We carried out percolation testing to ensure the ground was suitable and to determine the size of soakaway the client needed. Once this was established we issued a quote and the client accepted. The office then made a building control notice to the necessary council body and all the necessary equipment and materials were arranged for delivery for the agreed start date.

On the first day of work the engineers carried out health and safety checks and made the site safe before the excavation works could take place. The excavation for the drainage field and tank were excavated using a 3t digger, the muck away was left on site as the client had use for it. The tank was gently lowered into the excavation and was a lovely fit. The building control inspector then came to expect our work and sign off the notice.

We were then able to concrete the tank securely in place. A prearranged suction tanker arrived to decommission the old tank so that the connections can be made. We installed a new drainage field using a 100mm PVC perforated grid. Firstly we made the excavation and laid 150mm deep stone to create a bed to lay the new pipe on top. We then covered our grid with a further 200mm stone and surrounded the complete system in a root proof membrane. Reinstatement with top soil was then carried out leaving the site with a tidy finish.

The client was very happy with the work and even left the below review forums.