The challenge
The parties were involved in upgrading an outdated septic tank for residential purposes.

Back in September 2021, Tricel was part of an exciting residential project through yet another successful collaboration with West Country Drainage Services. As a local expert in water and drains, WCDS has been installing our solutions in the West Country and South Wales for the past few years and we couldn’t be more delighted about our partnership.

Our latest project took place in Totnes, Devon – where both history and spirituality live along with one another. Jody from WCDS got in touch with us on his clients’ behalf. He needed a sewage treatment solution for 4 cottages willing to regroup for their effluent’s purification. The aim was to install a shared unit for 18 PE that could fit and adjust itself to the site requirements and limits.

The real challenge here for the WCDS team was working with very poor ground conditions that made it difficult for any excavation. On top of that, the access to the existing tank was limited and particularly tight as it was in between two concrete pillars. For those particular reasons, the Tricel Novo UK18 was chosen for its replacement. Its design, low profile, and advanced technology were ideal for the project.

Tricel solution
Installation of Tricel Novo UK 18

For this project, Tricel suggested to West Country Drainage Services to go with a Novo UK18 to meet the PE requirements, but also the site conditions. It has to be noted that Jody is used to our solutions, as he always uses our Tricel systems “because of their quality and simplicity”.

The project was completed in 5 days, which would include surrounding ground landscaped as well.