When installed, a septic tank is a critical component of your off mains drainage system, which is why regular servicing is required. You do not want to be left without your septic tank, which means annual checks to ensure the quality is maintained and any issues can be addressed.

Typically, your septic tank will need to be pumped every one to three years; this will ensure that any solids are broken down properly and effectively. Regular servicing will reduce the likelihood of the drain field being clogged. Pumping your septic tank regularly will also decrease the chance of system failure and can increase the lifespan of the system you have installed.

Septic tanks that are not properly maintained pose a serious threat to the health and safety of those around the premises. If you do not properly service your septic tank, it can also be expensive to fix any maintenance issues in the long term.

The most effective way to service a septic tank is by getting your system pumped by a professional, as they have the knowledge and experience to complete the task to a high standard.

We offer open communication at every stage of the servicing process, so you are on the same page as our team. We will discuss everything you need to know about your septic tank effectively and comprehensively so you know exactly what we are doing.

West Country Drainage Services is always on hand if you need additional advice, information, or guidance about our services. Contact our experienced team today, and we can discuss your requirements. We are happy to arrange tanker attendance with our servicing offer.