Why do we give an NHS Discount?

We believe that the hard working individuals in the NHS have had a lot of financial woes to contend with in their career so giving this discount back to them is our way of saying thank you!

It is no secret that they are in the public eye for not being rewarded financially with their efforts of looking after our loved ones now but especially during the recent pandemic when they were stretch thin, to breaking point!.

At West Country Drainage Services we are extremely sympathetic to their requests to be rewarded with a good pay for their life long work and we back them 100%!

West Country Drainage Services member of the team inspecting a drain ready to have a new liner installed.

One of our team at work installing new drainage liners.

We have no influence in any way other than to do our bit and assist with a heavily discounted service to help relieve the financial pressures these great people of our amazing NHS have to deal with in life. By offering financial assistance in the way of a 10% NHS discount to ALL NHS Staff we are able to help a little more than if they had to pay the full cost themselves.

With us being a family run business, we obviously want the very best future for our young family and believe that any support that businesses can give to NHS staff will motivate them enough to realise there are people out there that care for them and appreciate the value of the NHS itself.

Life is pressured enough and where we can we like to assist our NHS staff and our local residents. This offer extends to all our Bridgwater, Othery, Burrowbridge and Moorland based clients. It’s about looking after each other and building a trust in the community with a healthy support network. We are so grateful that our local residents and NHS customers use us direct and believe they should be rewarded for their loyalty and their hard work.

West Country Drainage Services are huge supporters for our local community and work hard to campaign for our industry where a reliable, honest company is out there, looking out for everyone and assisting you with all your drainage or water requirements.


If you have any questions or queries or if you have a problem with your drains or sewage, please do not hesitate to get in touch for a friendly no obligation quote.