For many households, choosing to have a septic tank installed is a necessity. Properties that are situated in more remote areas or on grounds that cannot support standard pipework may find these the best solutions overall. Whether you want or need to have a septic tank, several factors should be taken into account before purchasing. These will help you to get the most out of your investment, ensure the tank can meet your requirements and ensure your investment returns within the next few years.

Here are just 3 things we recommend that our clients consider:

Size Of Available Land At The Property

There are two main types of septic tanks on the market – underground and above ground. Underground septic tanks require large-scale evacuation of the grounds around a property to lay the relevant pipework and fit the tank itself. Above ground tanks take up less space but, unless you can easily disguise them, are likely to impact the aesthetics of the property. Both types have different requirements when it comes to available land so it pays to check with a professional first. They’ll be able to establish the right type for your needs as well as the potential costs for installation.

Number Of People Living At The Property

Because they are not connected to the mains waste systems here in the UK, septic tanks have a fixed capacity. By determining the number of people who live at a property, or are likely to frequent it often, you will be able to choose the right septic tank to accommodate their estimated waste. Not doing so can mean you’re stuck with a tank that fills up too quickly and requires costly and repeated emptying – not entirely convenient for the homeowner.

Right Tank Size

And, following on from the previous point, you need to consider the variation of size when it comes to septic tanks. The larger the property, the more people living there and the higher the demand, the larger a septic tank you will need. As an example, a house over 2,500 ft squared will likely need a 1,250-gallon tank while a smaller house may only need one that can accommodate 750 gallons.

Choosing a septic tank is a task that few do regularly. This is why we highly recommend working with a professional drainages specialist, such as West Country Drainage. Since 2000, our experienced engineers have worked hard to provide the best services for our clients, including septic tank installation. For more support and advice on choosing the right septic tank for your property, please do get in contact with us here today.