Having been told by 2 companies that the parts required to repair our broken sewage plant were no longer available and £25K plus for a replacement system. Not only massively expensive, but inconvenient too as we would be without facilities for nearly a week while the work was carried out. Feeling despondent about the situation, we contacted Jody of West Country Drainage Services Ltd, who immediately responded and attended our address very soon afterwards. Jody did a survey, giving us a verbal report on the day. He stated he could renovate the plant and make any parts on site that were no longer available. We had a written report within a week and the date set. WCDS attended promptly on the day, as did their effluent emptying company and electrician. By 4pm we were up and running, completely legal and certificated. Jody literally took away the stress and anxiety with his “can do, positive attitude”. Great Service and can’t thank Jody and his team enough and the bill was under £5K.